Naturopathy is a separate and distinct philosophy, science and approach to health based on vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Naturopaths were a distinct group of lay professionals and physicians back in the 19th century who broke from conventional medicine due to the often harmful treatments and harsh methods physicians employed in their practices. Naturopaths, or “nature cure” doctors as they were often called, arose to replace the harsh methods of their day with treatments that cooperate with the body’s own curative processes. As practiced today, Naturopathy is still characterized by these same basic approaches to health and living. Naturopathy encompasses all the natural healing arts and relies on non-toxic approaches toward enhancing one’s health and well being. At CWH our naturopaths use these natural principles and techniques to guide clients in stimulating their own innate healing energies. Proper nutrition and diet choices, rest, mental and emotional outlook all work to ensure a sound foundation for building good health, which God meant for us all to enjoy.  Our naturopathic doctors will use iridology and sclerology or specialized testing to first assess the state of your health, then provide the appropriate therapies as indicated. These could be herbal therapy, homeopathics, nutritional approaches, fasting, reflexology and massage, biofeedback, or other gentle therapies to bring about a state of balance. 

Holistic Health — Try the Natural Alternatives

Today millions of Americans are looking for alternatives to regular or conventional medical care, what we like to call complementary care. Statistics confirm that people seeking holistic or complementary practitioners are continually on the rise. Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine are growing rapidly because more and morpe people want doctors or health professionals trained in preventive medicine, natural living, and natural methods of healing.

A Comprehensive Holistic
Healing Experience

If you want to obtain the best picture of health for yourself, then you will have to undo many of the bad habits that you have accumulated over the years. Generally, this will take some time.  On the bright side, this is the best time to make those changes and confront your own health challenges.

Thirty-two years ago when I made a commitment to change my diet and lifestyle and become a vegetarian, there was little information available, so I had to educate myself and experiment with different foods. Today there are so many choices and organic foods, especially produce are commonplace and fairly easy to obtain. I take that same approach when working with my clients. As a naturopathic doctor, I look into your health profile in more depth and see what we can do to improve your overall health

My Philosophy

I do not practice medicine, but teach and assist clients into a more health facilitating lifestyle, one that promotes better health through natural living. Depending on what your health assessment and history reveals, you will be placed on a program or protocol to help you achieve better health or undo years of enervating habits. I will work with your physician or refer you to an outside qualified practitioner when the condition or problem is outside the scope of my practice. I believe that if the correct lifestyle, eating habits, healthy food choices - coupled with good nutrition, supplementation, body manipulation to deal with daily stresses and herbal/homeopathic therapies when necessary - good health will follow.  Even though the responsibility for your health is on you, I will assist you in your transition away from bad or incongruent habits. Either way, I strive to find the most efficacious means to support your efforts.


FAQ - Questions ???

Some commonly asked questions:


Q: Describe what I can expect when enervating habits are discontinued?

A: The pulse rate may generally veer away from normal, as will the blood pressure; the urine may have a stronger odor; you may even feel more depressed, and headaches may occur. But not to worry, as the body will naturally detox when the right foods are taken and in a short time you should feel better.

Q: During the first phase of withdrawal, I’ve been getting some muscle weakness and don’t feel as strong as I did before. What is this attributed to – a lack of meat in my diet now?  

A: This is natural, but know that meat and flesh foods are more stimulating to the body and mind (and spirit). Plant-based foods on the other hand, are vibrationally higher. They in essence are doing the work the Creator has set them out to do.

Q: Explain why I get an occasional drop in energy, or a general feeling of weakness?

A: This is due to the body’s newly found energy utilization of carbohydrates and its ability to flush out toxins and cellular contamination.

Q: Why are fresh fruits and vegetables, especially good for you, and what about juicing fruits and vegetables?

A: Fruits and veggies contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals, complex sugars and carbohydrates. Juicing also contains the live constituents of plants - the vital life force - which I believe God has placed in all living plants for our enhanced benefit. It’s our ability to harness that energy in the proper way that can take us to the next level of health and wellness.


Among the services I offer or in conjunction with other practitioners at our center are:

¨        Botanical protocols and modalities, including western and eastern herbs
¨        Nutritional analysis (including diet) and transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet
¨        Homeopathic remedies and regimens,
¨        Light and Color therapy,
¨        Whole Body Chi therapy
¨        Shiatsu Massage and Acupressure Therapy
¨        Reflexology (feet)
¨        Reiki therapy
¨        Iridology (Iris assessment via image enhancement)
¨        Sclerology (Sclera assessment via image enhancement)
¨        Pupil Border Dynamics (via image enhancement)
¨        Pain Management and Control
¨        Colon Hydrotherapy
¨        Juicing for health and detoxification
¨        Fasting for health and detoxification
¨        Meditation practice and breath work
¨        Visualization as an adaptive method for behavior modification
¨        Other specializations in integrative, holistic care based on your needs

Educational Classes

Educational classes and workshops are ongoing at the Center. Please call us or visit our web site for our upcoming schedule of events. Occasionally, the Center will host outside Instructors who may be interested in conducting their own workshops.


I offer workshops and classes at our center for those interested in furthering their education, or for general purpose information. Naturopathic education is primarily what I teach

Making Appointments at NHS

After making an appointment, when you first arrive at the Center, we will consult with you to see if our services fit your health challenge. If we mutually agree we can help you, we then take a complete client history. This intake will be in the form of a questionnaire. This is the best means to assess your health before examination. We then set up a partial or full protocol on a case-by-case basis tailored to your particular health profile.

Details about procedures and other information will be provided at this time. We generally don’t take insurance for our services, but special arrangements can be made, depending on the nature of your concerns. Assessment may take some time, and we ask that you be a little patient after getting the treatments or going through our protocols. We then provide feedback to you with the results we obtain for your particular health profile.


My Pledge

I am a concerned practitioner devoted to helping you get the best possible care available. But that also means a responsibility on your part to follow a protocol that you might find difficult to comply with. Know that we are here to support you in your healing journey. Remember, naturopaths are specialists in natural health and the wide range of services offered at the Center are geared toward maximizing your health potential.


Our Motto 

“To assist in providing comprehensive professional holistic services and education with the goal of encouraging healthier lifesyles.”